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Easy Russian Pricing - Easy Russian


Russian Courses typical prices

In the table below please find our rates for different courses that we provide. If you want to get more details on a particular course and its price, please click the name of the course below and it will redirect you to the corresponding page.

One-To-One Tutuion £25
On-line Tution £20
Small Group courses £250/course
In-Company Training from £48/hour

Translation/Interpreting Services

In the table below please find our rates for translation/interpreting services. These rates do not include any additional charges such as travel and other incidental expenses. Please note that we offer substantial discounts for large volume and long term projects.These rates provided for informational purposes only. By providing these rates on our website we intended to give you a rough estimate of what cost may be involved in contracting translation/interpreting services. These rates should not be considered as part of any service contract and we reserve the right to change them at any time and without giving you any prior notice. Please note that in addition to fees for interpreting/translation services, your particular project may also involve travel and incidental expenses.

All projects will be quoted on individual basis. When preparing a quote for your project we will carefully consider a variety of factors, such as, technicality of the subject matter, volume of work, location of proposed service, type of service, availability of contract personnel, and others. In cases of emergency the cost for translation will grow 50%-100% more, depending on the terms.

For additional information on Russian translator and Russian interpreter services or to place an order, please complete the order request form on this website.


Interpreting Rate Range Minimum Fee
Consecutive interpreting – general subject £30-£50 £60
Consecutive interpreting – technical/specialised subject £50-£80 £100


Translation Rate Range Minimum Fee
Translation – general subject texts £0.04-£0.07 per word £40
Translation – technical/specialised texts £0.07-£0.11 per word £70
Certified translation of documents £30 £30