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Easy Russian Small Group Courses - Easy Russian

Small Group Courses

Small group courses are designed for people who would like to learn Russian in a friendly atmosphere and interact with other people. Our group courses are designed for adults and youngsters aged 16 plus.

Our small group courses are intensive classes with maximum 4 students per group. Being only in 3 or 4 people per class these courses assure a full exposure and immediate introduction into the language. Thus, they are an optimal choice for all those who prefer to participate in a group course but still wish to have individual attention from the teacher.

Our teachers are fully-qualified native speakers with a great experience in teaching Russian.

Our Russian courses aim to develop your ability to use and understand Russian in real life situations. We teach all four language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening – with an emphasis on speaking and listening. You will also learn about the social and cultural contexts in which Russian is used.

We use a variety of regularly updated and engaging course materials – from textbooks to authentic Russian texts at higher levels – designed to stimulate and inspire students. Our lively teachers will motivate you and make sure you have a lot of fun as you progress!

Term Calendar Time Syllabus Apply Fees
1   18:00 – 19:30 Apply £250
2   18:00 – 19:30 Apply £250
3   18:00 – 19:30 Apply £250